A code between Lee Jong Suk and his fans.

Some people say, these idols/actors are only showing you the image presented by their company. They are not real, and you are silly for believing them to be so. That may be true for everyone else; but I refuse to believe that it is true…

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the most unrealistic thing about high school musical is that they let ryan wear hats in class

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When you’re failing gym class and you tryna get ya grade up at the last minute


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when you stay up all night doing hw and the teacher doesn’t collect it


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damn right I did
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This is one of the coolest exhibitions/galleries I think that I have ever come across, so in return for the joy and excitement, creativity, and all other good things it gives me, I give to you my story. I live my life every day not knowing who I am supposed to one day become. I grew up alone, independent, secluded, unbiased. I’ve lived countless personas, lied about more than I will ever be able to remember and done unspeakable things I never want to tell another human soul. But all of this has propelled me on this magical journey. Becoming this mystical beast, a whirlwind of tragedy and success. I’m 25. I’ve experienced more than I should have. But what does this explain—It’s a story that goes in circles with sharp corners. Protected against all but hurt by many. The point is always be you. Forget everything you know. Make mistakes. Get hurt. Fail. Cry. Sob. Yell. Because one day, it will pay off.
The greatest mistake in life is never making art. Have the energy and strength to follow what creates meaning in your life and the courage to handle the stress that follows. 
Enjoy being a fuckup! You’re awesome.
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i need a hug right now also five hundred thousand dollars in cash

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I Dream of Paradise ♥
Nice to meet you! I'm Jenny and I enjoy talking to new people (:

I wish my heart was always on her mind.
Like shes on mine, like all day, all the time

Favorite words at the moment: ambition, transcend, timeless, exuberance,